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 N3079G The Original BATCOPTER from the TV Series BATMAN appeared in the Original BATMAN Movie and the Original BATMAN TV Series.
 Captain Eugene Nock, A.T.P. acquired this World Famous Helicopter and has meticulously restored N3079G to complete Airworthy Condition!
 This Famous Helicopter is Available for Your Event!

Captain Eugene A. Nock, A.T.P.

3079G the Batcopter from the TV Series Batman with George Barris' Batmobile. Julie Newmar 'Catwoman' & Adam West 'Batman'
The Batcopter Delivers Adam West 'Batman' & Julie Newmar 'Catwomen'
 Available for Ride Tours at: Fairs - Amusement Parks - Special Events - Malls!
 We Coordinate the Heliport Site Planning & Ride Location Design along with your Event Producer.
 Working with the FAA & DOT for a Comprehensive & Safe Heliport at your location.
Burt Ward 'Robin' from the 1966 T.V. Series BATMAN Autographs N3079G The Original BATCOPTER from the T.V. Series Batman


As Seen at the



The Sun n' Fun AirShow

 Multi Star Vehicle's Available!
 Huge Media Attraction to promote your Event.
 The Original Batcopter from the T.V. Series Batman
 The Green Hornet - The 1966 Batmobile - Superbird as: Car's The King
 Contact for Booking Photo Opportunity Events!
 N3079G The Original BATCOPTER from the TV Series BATMAN is available for Site Seeing Tours at your Event, Fair, Mall, Private Party.
Barris Newmar Nock West
Burt Ward 'Robin' from the T.V. Series Batman and Capt. Eugene A. Nock, A.T.P. in The Original BATCOPTER from the T.V. Series Batman
2013 Top Ten Super Moon Photo in the World!
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